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First European Basic Income Raffle Event @ UBI4ALL

June 24, 2021

Last week, on June 16, we had our first Raffle event. It was a day filled with “Firsts”: 

  • The first raffle event of UBI4ALL
  • The first European Basic Income for one year was going to get a winner 
  • The first time a basic income winner showed a reaction live during the raffle livestream
Photo: screenshot of our Live Streamed Event on Facebook

We were quite nervous: after months of work spreading the word, building up social media range, getting people involved to reach the necessary 9.600 Euro to finance a UBI of 800 Euros for 1 year, we really were there! Then it took some weeks to prepare for the event, to make sure everything runs smoothly. As it was the first European UBI raffle we wanted to provide our audience an event that was lively, serious but also inspiring, so that so that the idea of an Unconditional Basic Income runs throughout Europe

After almost 500 people donated for UBI4ALL and more than 16.000 people all over Europe registered for the raffle, we were confident we would be able to achieve our goals. And now that some days have passed, we believe we did achieve them. Moreover, one person from France became our lucky winner! 

Our live event streamed on facebook reached c. 6,100 people. It was watched in Malta, Finland, the UK, Cyprus, in mostly every country in between and even in Canada. More than 500 comments inspired us throughout the event: people congratulated the event, the winner, and shared their enthusiasm for UBI. This means more and more people are getting to know the idea of UBI and would like to experience it in their life. This of course was exactly what we wanted to achieve with our work. What a great feeling this is! Thanks to all of you who helped to make this happen by showing interest and engagement! 

Some of comments from our Facebook Live Stream Event

And the person who sure is the most grateful is our winner with the lot number 19077: Lucie, a pharmacy student from France. You will hear more about her and her year with UBI in the following weeks and months. Stay tuned!

So, what’s next? 

UBI4ALL is a movement and an initiative that has grown from the belief that Unconditional Basic Income should be implemented all over Europe (and in the entire World, we might add). It was created as a way to increase awareness on UBI and on the European Citizens’ Initiative for UBI, whose goal is to reach 1 million signatures by June 25th, 2022. Therefore, moving forward we can only expect that the UBI movement grows in Europe. This means that we would like to see: 

Let’s make the First European Basic Income Raffle the momentum we need to get UBI all over the news, in Parliaments and local municipalities, at schools, universities and especially in everyday conversation. The time has come, let’s all join in and contribute to the UBI movement. 

If you have ideas to arrange local events in your country, region, city, school, etc., or if you would like to invite an experienced speaker for a discussion about Basic Income please look here for your country's contact @  

Thank you to all who joined the event, and who made it happen, by registering and donating for the First European Basic Income Raffle!

Article by: UBI4ALL Team

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