Our Milestones

UBI4ALL makes Basic Income tangible in real life and maybe one day it will become political reality. Let's all hope and fight for that higher goal.

We see an exciting journey with UBI4ALL. We have already been able to celebrate some successes – and also learn from setbacks. And the most important thing: we are able to inspire thousands of people across the world with the idea of an Unconditional Basic Income (UBI). Follow the Basic Income experiences of our winners and, with a bit of luck, experience the feeling of security and freedom yourself.

September 2020
  • Establishment of UBI4ALL
  • Start of the signature collection of the official European Citizens’ Initiative for Unconditional Basic Income (ECI-UBI)
December 2020
  • Our UBI4ALL quote christmas calendar inspires the community
  • Greece goes viral! After an article about UBI4ALL several thousand people from Greece registered for the raffle.
May 2021
  • € 9,600 – the first European Basic Income is funded!
  • We have more than 10,000 registrations for the first Basic Income raffle
  • UBI4ALL is partner of the cross-European campaign EU SIGN DAY
June 2021
  • Lucie from France has won our first raffle. Visible emotions – she joins us live at our event!
  • The UBI4ALL community grows up to more than 15,000 people
September 2021
  • Thomas from Ireland won the second raffle. “At first I thought it was a spam thing – but it’s real!”
  • Nearly 4,000 people from small Latvia join UBI4ALL
January 2022
  • Robin Hood himself becomes a famous supporter of UBI4ALL – watch his video
  • It's on in Italy! More and more people are registering with UBI4ALL.
June 2022
  • Lucky guy! Balázs from Hungary won our special UBI raffle (6 months of Basic Income) to support the ECI-UBI. On the same day, he passed a university exam.
  • The ECI-UBI ended with just under 300,000 signatures across the EU
April 2023
  • Now 36,191 registrations, most from Italy 16,767
  • On April 23rd, Alexandra won our 4th raffle. She believes that everyone should receive a Basic Income, even in a 'rich' country like Germany with over 960 food banks.
June 2023
  • We welcome the world – hence our name! Now individuals from all 201 countries can join us.
  • Launch of our podcast: #CheckOutBasicIncome
  • Taiwan goes viral on Facebook with around 3,000 new registrations for UBI4ALL
September 2023
  • We raffle off a week of Basic Income: 200 euros – a sweet treat 🍬 to support International Basic Income Week (September 18-24)
  • Motto of BIW this year: Civilization at its best
December 2023
  • We introduce our fairness rule: no country can win twice in a row, with the exception of our UBI Beavers, who primarily fund the raffles
  • New winner, December 17: Christelle from France! Congratulations!

...and hopefully many more to come.

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