Our Milestones

We see an exciting journey. We have already been able to celebrate some successes – and also learn from setbacks. And the most important thing: we are able to inspire thousands of people across the world with the idea of an Unconditional Basic Income. Follow the Basic Income experiences of our winners and, with a bit of luck, experience the feeling of security and freedom yourself.

September 2020
  • Establishment of UBI4ALL.
  • Start of the signature collection of the official European Citizens’ Initiative for Unconditional Basic Income (ECI-UBI).
December 2020
  • Our UBI4ALL quote christmas calendar inspires the community.
  • Greece goes viral! After an article about UBI4ALL several thousand people from Greece registered for the raffle.
May 2021
  • € 9,600 – the first European Basic Income is funded!
  • We have more than 10,000 registrations for the first raffle.
  • UBI4ALL is partner of the cross-European campaign EU SIGN DAY.
June 2021
  • Lucie from France has won our first raffle. Visible emotions – she joins us live at our event!
  • The UBI4ALL community grows up to more than 15,000 people.
September 2021
  • Thomas from Ireland has won the second raffle. “At first I thought it was a spam thing – but it’s real!”
  • More than 2,000 people from small Latvia join UBI4ALL
January 2022
  • Robin Hood himself becomes a famous supporter of UBI4ALL – watch his video.
  • It's on in Italy! It is the country with the highest number of registrations at UBI4ALL.
June 2022
  • Lucky guy! Balázs from Hungary has won our special UBI raffle (6 month Basic Income) to push the ECI-UBI. On the same day he passes a university exam.
  • The ECI-UBI ended by just under 300,000 signatures across the EU.

... and hopefully many more to come.

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