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What is a Unconditional Basic Income?

November 6, 2020

What is ​Unconditional Basic Income? Have you ever asked yourself the question “What would I do, if I would have a guaranteed amount of money monthly just because I am alive?” Would you quit working? Would you go back to shool? Would you go on the trip you always dreamt of? Or would you just put money aside for the future?So what would your life look like ​given an ​Unconditional Basic Income (UBI)? For sure you would feel you have more freedom.A UBI is a monthly payment a citizen receives unconditionally for his whole lifespan, from the cradle to the grave. It is considered a human right.The UBI is characterized by the following 4 criteria: _Universal - Every person, irrespective of age, descent, place of residence, profession etc. will be entitled to receive this allocation. Individual - Everyone has the right to UBI on an individual basis as this is the only way to ensure privacy and to prevent control over other individuals. UBI will be independent of marital status, cohabitation or household configuration, or of the income or property of other household or family members. Unconditional - As a human right UBI shall not depend on any preconditions, whether an obligation to take paid employment, to be involved in community service, or to behave according to traditional gender roles. Nor will it be subject to income, savings or property limits. High enough - The amount should provide for a decent standard of living, which meets society’s social and cultural standards in the country concerned. It should prevent material poverty and provide the opportunity to participate in society and to live in dignity.The European Citizen’s Initiative is collecting signatures to democratically force a discussion about the UBI in the European Parliament. The aim is to achieve more than 1 million signatures until October 2021 for a Europe with social security and personal freedom of it’s inhabitants. The raffle is one vehicle to promote this initiative.You can win € 800 per month for one year, unconditionally. The only thing you need to do is to register on our homepage. Again, just imagine, how your life could change! Why is a UBI good for us?Various experiments have shown, that people whose financial existence is secured suffer less from stress syndromes, are healthier and take better care about themselves and their families. This care-taking can result in going back to school or university, buying quality groceries instead of junk-food or being able to participate more often in social life.On the other hand all these personal benefits also help governments save money. Health expenses decrease, less administration is needed and money for poverty reduction or re-socialisation programs can be saved.If you want to learn more about the universal basic income visit the following websites You can sigh the petition for a European ubi here: And don’t forget to register for the raffle! If you're one of the lucky winners, you might be able to experience the benefits of a UBI yourself!

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