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Ready, Set, Go! UBI Raffle is on!

November 5, 2020

What would you do if you were given 800 euros a month, no strings attached?

Maybe you would go back to school to learn something new, maybe you would find a better house, you could decide to work less or maybe you would simply enjoy the comfort of having some extra money. Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) can grant you that opportunity.

What if, on top of that, we told you that you could win this by simply signing up to a page online, no charge. That seems hard to believe. Let us convince you otherwise. Are you ready?

Today we launch the European Basic Income Raffle, an initiative led by a small team from all over Europe. Through a crowdfunding campaign we are launching, we hope to collect enough money to fund as many UBIs as possible. How would we do it?

In our website, everyone can donate to the crowdfunding campaign. When we reach 9.600 euros, we will raffle a Basic Income in a live event streamed online. The big winner(s) will then receive the corresponding 800 euros a month, to enjoy a life with more opportunities.

Are you convinced yet?

To apply it’s simple: just go to the UBI4All website – our Basic Income Raffle website – and sign up on the form. You just have to be a EU resident, 16 years old, or older, and hand in your name (exactly as in your ID card), email, Country, post-code and birth date. By signing up, you will be eligible to win the Basic Income!

And you don’t need to give us any money! But, if you want, your contribution to the crowdfunding campaign is more than welcome!

What about now? Excited to participate? Maybe you are just curious on why we are doing this, right?

The Basic Income Raffle is part of the European Citizen’s Initiative for Unconditional Basic Income 2020-21. The ECI-UBI initiative’s goal is to gather 1 million signatures throughout Europe, to push the UBI agenda. Once the target goal is reached, both the European Commission and the EU Parliament will have to decide on what action to take regarding UBI. The Basic Income Raffle is a joint initiative whose goal is to spread awareness on the economic and social benefits of UBI for those who receive it. Hopefully, by participating on the Basic Income Raffle, you get acquainted with UBI, and decide to take part in signing the ECI-UBI petition. By doing so, we will all be a step closer in implementing Basic Incomes throughout Europe!

Have you signed up already?! Great!

Our Basic Income Raffle will be running until September 25th, 2021, as the ECI-UBI initiative. We are counting on you to participate, but also to start discussions and raise awareness on what we are doing. If we work together, our goal will be much easier to achieve.

This is our first Blogpost, but we will be back to continue discussing the Basic Income Raffle and Unconditional Basic Income with you. For the coming weeks, we will be updating you on the progress of our crowdfunding, and hopefully, we will be announcing some of the lucky UBI Raffle winners. In the meantime, we will also share with you some interesting accounts on what different countries in Europe are doing to push the UBI agenda, and we will be giving you some information on why a Unconditional Basic Income is so important.

We count on you to make the movement grow.

Ready? Set. Go!

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